Equity and Justice

Equity is an important organizational value for WSFM and supports our collective efforts to create an experience in which we can all engage with dignity, feel valued, and access opportunities to participate in all dimensions of civic life and to reach our full potential. To this end, WSFM works across race, color, national origin, and intersections of gender, sexual orientation, religion,  age, marital status, criminal background record, ability, political affiliation, personal appearance, family responsibilities, matriculation or any other characteristic to achieve racial and gender equity, economic opportunity, and political power to transform social institutions to be more reflective and accountable to communities of color.

WSFM is committed to examining and taking action towards how our work can heal and renew communities in order to build spaces where inclusion and belonging thrives, and where equity in all its forms is the outcome. We understand the first step has to start inside our organization.  WSFM welcomes challenging dialogue and commits to continuous learning about how to improve our collective work, processes, and systems. Through critical examination and transformative learning opportunities, we will strengthen our impact on the communities we aim to serve.