Our Purpose

Who Speaks For Me? aims to dismantle and interrupt the Trauma-to-Prison Pipeline™ as it impacts girls, women and LGBTQI+ individuals. The overall goal of WSFM is to build a Trauma Informed Justice System™ and create policy and procedural changes in carceral spaces.


While WSFM became incorporated as a 501c3 organization in 2020, we have over ten years of experience planning and implementing innovative community-based projects locally and nationally. Our menu of programs and services support reentry housing, alternatives-to-incarceration, reproductive justice in carceral spaces, and healing from trauma. We provide participants with resources, skills, and tools and connect them to opportunities that promote positive engagement with the community. WSFM’s programs and services have achieved tangible results like reduced recidivism and stigma to increase belonging, healing, and quality of life.